Programa de español

Programa de español

Why is Peru the best place to learn Spanish?

Spanish is spoken in all countries in Latin America (except Brazil) and of course in Spain, however the Spanish spoken in every country is not exactly the same. There are many regional variations among the different Spanish speaking countries.

These differences usually refer to words, pronunciation, accent and even the use of different pronouns which sometimes can confuse students, and although all native speakers can understand any kind of Spanish with little trouble, it is highly recommendable that you learn the most neutral version of the language, so that you can understand all regional variations without trouble.

Spanish for Private Groups

We can organize a Spanish course directed towards the needs and the objectives of the personnel of your organization for a determined period of time.

This program is ideal for:

  • Foreign personnel of embassies, international missions
  • Foreign personelle of companies of certain sectors (mining, construction, volunteer groups in Peru).
  • Religious missions
  • Interchange students (ask for the Study abroad program)

We offer:

Spanish course + cultural courses

Assessment of Spanish for each student before the course

Periodic evaluations and presentation of a progress report to the company

The course may be held at the school or we can send an instructor to the company (in Lima or the provinces).